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Local Goods Company came about when one of the founders, Ranya Dube, moved back to Whistler in 2014 after leaving London and her long time friend, co-founder Stella Gardiner, who respectively moved back to New Zealand.

They immediately started to catch up every week and Ranya kept talking about the local scene, the corridor’s way of life and the creativity of its people. She was also amazed by the budding economy and how it in return had an impact on the people’s quality of life.

Over the last 4 years, they’ve connected with the best businesses in the corridor and built a platform for locals & visitors showcasing all of these in one single place.

Their model takes into consideration the well-being of the local people, the local economy and most importantly the world-wide environment.



Our company “cares” in every sense of the word. We not only give importance to providing customers with the best of the best but we also make sure that the people we work with are personable, reliable, passionate about what they do and most importantly, they care as much as we do!

We follow up not only with the clients but also with our providers from the initial contact to the delivery of any local goods or services we offer. Our team will always be available to respond to any questions or easily adapt to any unexpected circumstances.

“…We select the best in the Sea to Sky."

All the goods we offer have been carefully vetted through our screening and referral process. All providers who collaborate with Local Good Company are also committed to meeting the requirements of our standards.