A Little About Be Clean Naturally

Be Clean Naturally is all about soap made with love and 100% natural ingredients, prepared by hand in small batches. 

They use only 100% pure essential oils when scenting their products and do not use dyes in their soaps.  Some of the soaps do vary slightly in colour, which comes from the different oils used, the exfoliants, minerals or honey added.

Be Clean Naturally avoid packaging whenever possible. Their bar soaps do not come with any paper packaging, they are stamped with a handmade, hardwood stamp to identify them. 

"Your apple isn't wrapped so why should your soap be?" - Kirstin French

What Are Soaps?

Soaps are made from the chemical reaction called saponification that happens between a fatty acid and an alkaline.  Some commonly used sources of fatty acids are vegetable oils and animal fats.  Be Clean Naturally exclusively use vegetable oils.  When making hard soaps sodium hydroxide, commonly called lye or caustic soda is used as the alkaline, and when making liquid soaps potassium hydroxide, another form of lye is used.  Once the saponification process is complete there is no sodium or potassium hydroxide present in the finished soap.  Soaps made with natural ingredients are biodegradable, not harmful to mother earth and help to nurture our bodies.

Most commercial soaps have fat from animal by-products. Animal fats tend to clog our pores whereas vegetable oils do not, and that is why Be Clean Naturally puts coconut butter in their natural essential oils concoction.

The Be Clean Family

The Be Clean Family

As a teen and young adult, I suffered from severe acne. I tried many different approaches to clearing it including diet, medication, sunshine and vitamin A supplementation. None of them worked for me. In my early 30’s I met my soul mate who is allergic to many things including synthetic fragrance and dyes. When we began sharing a household he asked me to use natural products to launder his clothes and buy him natural soaps and shampoos for in the shower. I chose to use the same products as him so that I didn’t have to shop twice. Within a few weeks of using his soaps, my acne had cleared up completely. Shortly after that I started playing around with making natural soaps and found that I really enjoyed it. That was many years ago and I still love creating new soaps
— Kirstin French, Founder of Be Clean Naturally Soap Products
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