Thank you for choosing to support local enterprise by helping test our Local Goods Company service platform. 

We want to get as many people as possible to reduce their waste and that is where you come in.

As shown in the diagram below there are three main ways our platform will operate, and we know that hands-on testing and feedback is the only real way to improve the customer experience.

One aspect of the service is to provide goods sold by local companies using re-usable glass containers, much like a re-fillable store, but one that also delivers to your door. We understand how tricky it can be for consumers to get to re-fillable stores, especially when they are out of the way or if glass is used to package goods.   

After researching sanitation, packaging and transportation laws for transporting packaged goods we have a few different methods we'd like to try to out.  We will then document the limitations and benefits of each, using these findings to improve our service.  We feel it is extremely important to be transparent with our suppliers so they can understand the reasoning behind our decision making process. 

Once the testing phase is over, we may invite you to complete a survey about your Local Goods Company customer experience; from the initial visit to our website, to the delivery of your goods. We especially want to know about cleaning the glass packaging (if applicable), the deposit system and quality of the products you received.

Note: Only Method 2 will be tested at first. Canadian law does not require us to have a kitchen in our truck to dispense body care and household products, so we will only use those types of products to test this method.

Once the testing phase is over, we may invite you to complete a survey about your Local Goods Company supplier experience; from the collection of your goods, to receiving your payment. 

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I'm ok with paying deposits on glass as long as I get my money back when the glass is returned
I prefer leaving my own containers outside my door and having them be refilled
I don't mind what method is used, I just care about reducing the waste I produce
I would consider buying ready made meals in larger quantities if it made it more affordable
I would consider buying more of a product if it gives me further discount on the product
I would consider paying an annual fee if it gave me cheaper goods
I understand why plastic is bad for me and the environment
List below any current goods that you don't purchase because they cost too much.

Please note: If any of our policies change during the course of the beta trial, all customers will be notified before these changes are implemented.