Local Goods Company is currently seeking customers to help test the logistics of our online store. As this is something that has never been done before, we will need help from people who are dedicated to finding ways in which they can make a positive impact on the world.

There are several ways in which we hope to make our system work, so we need you to help test the platform and provide us with customer feedback. If you would rather wait until the service is fully up and running you can still sign up now and be notified once Beta testing is complete.

In order to participate, you must reside in Whistler, Pemberton or Squamish and complete the form.

If you live in Vancouver, Vancouver Island, anywhere else in the world, stay tuned.

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What best describes you?
I want to make every day choices which are better for the environment
I understand the importance of shopping locally
I would consider paying slightly more for a product if it supports a small local enterprise
I would consider paying slightly more for a product that was made in my country
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Beta testing requires patience and may not be for everyone