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Organic and washable feminine care products.

In 2009, Eco moon pad was born in Squamish, BC, where the lush forests meets the ocean.

Eco Moon products are washable, which is less impact on landfill of course, but it also gives you a chance to take better care of your self.  They believe using washable products takes you to the journey of acceptance, which otherwise do not have a chance to face while using disposable products. This is truly one of many great benefits of washable menstrual pads.

The GOT certified organic cotton is used for all of Eco moon pad products, which is grown and milled with respect of lands in a fair labor environment,  with little use of herbicides/pesticides and chemicals. (To grow cotton, a huge amount of pesticide/herbicide is used.  That leaves a big impact on farms and forcing workers into an unsafe work environment.)

Each product is carefully hand-made and naturally hand-dyed. 


Yui's Story

My life got so much better with cloth pads!

I started using washable pads 10 years ago now and I love them! 

During my 20s I suffered from painful cramps and needed painkillers to help me do the most basic of things. I also had unusually cold hands and feet!

After I began using cloth pads, my periods changed dramatically. It took a couple years but gradually the pain went away and my flow began to stabilize. I was amazed by the changes!

During this time I decided to make further lifestyle changes;  I  began eating healthier, moved to the forest and learned the power of thinking positively.

Like a jig-saw puzzle, when all the pieces fit together you get the full picture! 

Eco Moon Pad Starter Kit

Eco Moon Pad Starter Kit

Eco Moon Pad Trial Kit

Eco Moon Pad Trial Kit

Eco Moon Snap Pad

Eco Moon Snap Pad


What are the key benefits of organic cotton pads?

  • Luxury flannel cotton keeps your delicate area warm. Warmth is the key to reducing discomfort.
  • No skin irritation or feelings of dampness.
  • Cloth pads have been reported to reduce discomfort during moon days (i.e cramping, PMS, skin irritation) and improve the quality of menstruation (i.e. better blood flow, regular cycle).
  • Eco Moon Pads are washable and reusable. No waste - great for the Earth!
  • Fabrics last longer when hand-dyed with natural ingredients.  Eco Moon Pads are usually good for a year or two. Imagine how many synthetic and paper pads are dumped in a year?

Why use natural dyes?

  • Natural dyes create colors that are both lively and shady, not too bright but warm, which you can not get from synthetic dyes. With each new batch comes more new colours tones!
  • It is easier to wash blood from naturally dyed fabrics. 
  • Natural herbal dyes have healing effects: 
    • Onion skin - Helps with thinning the blood.
    • Madder - Purifies blood circulation and helps retain warmth.
    • Indigo - Acts as an insect repellent, detoxifies and helps retain warmth.

Switching to cloth pads

  • Start at home and take your time.  Tip: try alternating between disposable pads and cloth pads until you feel comfortable.
  • If you use tampons, try not to use them with a cloth pad. This way the benefits will be more noticeable.