Over the last 10 years, Helena has seen the natural and organic skincare industry become more and more complicated; ingredient lists are getting longer as the ingredients are getting more refined and processed, as companies strive to make the products easier and cheaper to manufacture. These highly processed natural ingredients can be as un-beneficial as the synthetic ones while misleading consumers into thinking they are getting the real thing.

We now understand that good food for our bodies is unprocessed and nutrient-rich. Helena believes this is also true for the food for our skin. 

Helena wants you to do less to your skin. She believes most people use too many products with too many ingredients, too often. This interferes with the skin’s own processes of growth and repair, which long-term, causes the skin to deteriorate and become unbalanced. Her skincare respects our own natural processes of rejuvenation and encourages our skin to work for itself again; the aim is to use fewer products over time not more, and not to rely on products to make our skin look good.

Helena's formulations have only a few ingredients but ones that are richest in nutrients for our skin. She has chosen only unrefined, unprocessed, natural and certified organic ingredients.

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Natural skin care has become as confusing as the non-natural stuff; ingredients lists are getting longer and longer.  Helena believes it can be super simple and still provide amazing results.  Her formulations have as few ingredients as possible and only those that are richest in nutrients for our skin.

All her oils and waxes are unrefined. This means they still contain all the original nutrients that are found in the oil or wax in nature. It is most common to find refined oils and waxes in products as they are often cheaper and are easier to handle. However, these refined ingredients are not so nutrient-rich. It is not required by law to state on labels whether ingredients are refined or not.

As soon as water is added to a formulation it introduces the potential for bacteria, which need water to grow and survive. By omitting the water, she has eliminated the need for preservatives which are often the most harmful ingredients in skincare. Over time, oils can still become rancid due to oxidation (many months to years) although this is much longer than due to bacteria (days to weeks). Water will often make up over 2/3 of a product. This means that her products are much more concentrated. Therefore, not only are they preservative free, but also they last longer, are better value and save on packaging.

Cleansing with oil enables us to remove dirt, pollution and make-up from our skin without the need for detergents or alcohol. The cleansing oil binds with the dirty oils on our face which are then lifted away with a warm, damp cloth. Cleansing with detergents and alcohol can upset the balance of sebum production and leave our skin exposed to potential irritation.  In fact, cleansing with oil can rebalance oil production in both oil and dry skins and often, in time can negate the need for moisturizer. Removing the oil cleanser with a warm, damp cloth leaves the skin feeling refreshed and incredibly clean.

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You can refill all of Helena's product through our delivery service or at Be Clean Naturally in downtown Squamish.