Local goods and services available through our online store servicing the Sea to Sky. Our community. Be conscious. Be conscientious.

Local goods and services available through the Sea to Sky.


Do you want to shop locally?

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Everything you need to know about our Glass Returns Program

Find out more about Local Goods Company delivery service

Ready to swap out your empties and earn rewards? We explain how it works.


Bring local goods and services to your community


Meet the locals who make all the products we sell

Our guide on how to start a business in British Columbia.


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Find out how the idea for Local Goods Company came about and why we want to rebuild the connection people have with their local community.


We took some time to really think about the guidelines we wanted to establish which best reflect Local Goods Company's core values and beliefs.

If you have question you'd like answered then look no further! We put together a list of FAQ to cover the most popular topics.

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