Local goods and services available through our online store servicing the Sea to Sky. Our community. Be conscious. Be conscientious.


Local Goods Company services an area that covers a 100-mile radius. In order to buy and sell through Local Goods Company, customers* and business owners must be located within that service area.  We will eventually offer three main areas of local enterprise; goods or products, adventures and services.


Local Goods company offers a home delivery service as all goods are packaged in re-usable glass or sold package free. Each time you return your empty glass jars you will earn rewards through our Glass Returns Program. You can then redeem your rewards for discount codes to save on future purchases.

All products, produce and ingredients (local and imported) that can be purchased via our online store, are made, grown and distributed by companies located within the service area. If an ingredient, produce or product cannot be sourced locally; we may choose to purchase it from the nearest location outside the service area, while staying within the country where the online store is based. If we cannot source from within that country, we then choose whichever country** is geographically closest.

We may choose to purchase local goods over imported ones, even if they are slightly more expensive. 

Lastly, please be aware that products are purchased on a first come first served basis.  Once a product has sold out, we will take pre-orders for the next batch. Please see our FAQ for more information.

Whistler Local Goods Delivery Company


Like our goods, our adventures and services are provided by companies who are owned and operated by people who live in the service area.

The adventures we provide are focused on getting people outdoors, and to participate in local social activities. 

Adventures and Services


For more information, please visit our policies and FAQ pages to find out what rules we've put in place to manage the ethical side of our company.

* Customers must be local residents or tourists who plan on visiting the platform service area and have accommodation there.

** We realize that in larger countries like Canada, importing goods from another country might be the more environmentally friendly option.  However, for economic reasons, our current policy is to source from within the country the platform operates, i.e. Canada. This policy is subject to change should we find a way to simultaneously benefit both the environment and economy.