Using only eco-friendly products, Clearly Kristal Cleaners is a small, local cleaning company that services private and commercial spaces. Located in beautiful Squamish, British Columbia.

Kristal was born and raised in Whistler until she moved to Ontario in 1999.

Returning to Whistler in 2008, she later moved to Squamish. She started a cleaning company so she could be available to her family. She was also sick of cleaning every day with cheap products full of chemicals that were harsh and unsafe to use.

Using her holistic background, she started experimenting making her own products as she found that the natural products on the market just were not doing the job. Several years later, she developed the Soft Scrub and Spray to raving reviews. Her products not only work but they smell great.

I clean for you because you have better things to do!
All Purpose Cleaner combo
Soft Scrub
All Purpose Cleaner Spray Gun
All Purpose Cleaner Refill