Left Coast Naturals began in 1996 Jason Dorland and Ian Walker decided to sell a unique line of nut butters that Jason had created.

Eventually Left Coast Naturals evolved their manufacturing from nut butters into snacks – adding seeds, nuts, granolas and trail mixes, as well as popcorn and tortilla chips. Since they were working directly with farmers and bringing in so many bulk ingredients for manufacturing, Left Coast Naturals also got into organic bulk foods distribution.

Today, Left Coast Naturals has a fleet of trucks, a 32,000 square foot warehouse, and a 10,000 square foot production facility. They distribute 27 brands, nearly 200 organic and natural bulk foods, and manufacture three of their own brands: Skeet & Ike’s, Hippie Foods, and Left Coast Bulk Foods.

Our vision is to be an inspiration to society and a force for positive change.

Left Coast Naturals SustainaFOODability Story

As a food company, we dug deep to see where our unique footprint was. There were a lot of surprises and here's what we discovered...

Left Coast Naturals recently passed HACCP certification! You’re wondering what that means and how to pronounce it (try “hassep”). HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point, and it’s a systematic preventative approach to food safety, rather than attempting to inspect issues with finished products.