North American Hemp & Grain Co.

Established since late 2010 they are vertically integrated between the Canadian Farmers, Grain Processors, oil mill and service providers to reach the marketplace with their organic & naturally grown hemp foods, plant-based proteins, and other grains.  They are a motivated company that are working with the Canadian Agricultural Community focusing on acquiring Canadian grown hemp & grains to the wholesale, commercial and retail market at the best possible price. They take pride in their commitment of sustainable natural food, natural, chemical-free materials to support the consumer transparency and growing concerns of conventional grocery transitions into organic products is North American Hemp & Grain Company’s mandate.


The increased presence of trends, such as the humanization of pets, the human-animal bond, and pet owners’ dedication to their pets’ health, have all contributed to a new trend that is driving growth in the industry: the premium pet product shopper. Say hello to The Animal Wellness Market.  According to a survey, 70% of pet owners are willing to spend extra to ensure the wellness of their pet. And, 30% of pet owners agreed that they prefer to shop at pet retailers that offer the best products available, even if it is more expensive. FACT: Pet owners will spend more on their pets than themselves, and yes that means certified organic.

Hemp Ingredients for Animal Wellness: Because of the high oil content with its balance of fatty acids, GLA, high fiber and protein the animals actually utilize more of their feed, as it is easier to digest; testimonials reveal that animals are healthier, happier, heftier and less stressed. Aside from hemp seed being high in protein and fatty acids it is also organically grown without the use of herbicides or pesticides. Therefore, hemp-fed animals are organic animals, free of those substances as well as antibiotics, steroids and hormones. This is a great reason to add hemp-based ingredients to support Animal Wellness.


From Seed to Sale:

  • Ingredient Supplier: Whole Seed, Hulled, Grains, Superfoods, Beans & Lentils, Fiber Meal, Flours, Proteins, Cooking Oils Available Directly, Commercial Baking ingredients, Gluten-free flour

  • Contract Manufacturing: plant-based proteins, dehulling, milling, pressing oil, and co-packaging/drop-shipments

  • Production/Processing to Testing/Analysis raw material ingredient

  • Natural, no-chemical, non-perishable grocery products brand name, as well private branding options

  • Canadian Grown Hemp ingredients, plant-based proteins, plant oils & other Grains

  • Certified Organic & Kosher Certified ingredients with Certified Organic co-packing facility