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"We select the best product & service providers in the Sea to Sky."


Local Goods Company is a community focused online platform  that helps people shop locally for products, services, experiences. Each month we also propose workshops. Our ideology  comes from  a desire  to strengthen communities the local way.  

The idea for Local Goods Company came about when one of the founders, Ranya Dube, moved back to Whistler in 2014. 

After living in London for 12 years, she was struck by the strong sense of community that Whistler and the surrounding towns have.  Not only was she impressed by how aware locals were about the choices they made, but she also noticed how many local innovative businesses were developing in the Sea to Sky since she had last lived in town. 

The more Ranya thought about it, the more she wanted to find a way for neighbouring areas to have a similar sense of community, and support the many local businesses in the Sea to Sky. 

She immediately decided to bring to life a community platform with co-founder, Stella Gardiner, to strengthen the model and the community she lived in.