The idea for Local Goods Company came about when one of our founders, Ranya Dube, moved back to Whistler, a ski-resort town on the west coast of Canada.

What struck her upon returning there was the strong sense of community that Whistler and the surrounding towns had. She spoke of the local economy and how everyone around her seemed extremely conscious of the choices they were making. She was also amazed at how happy and helpful locals were and wondered how this could be.

Two things came to mind: how everyone lives to go outdoors, and how they support one another and the many local businesses in the area.  The more she thought about it, the more she wanted to set-up a platform that would encourage a similar sense of support and community in other areas.



Simply put Local Goods Company is a community focused online company that lets people shop locally for products, services and adventures - guilt and packaging free.  Our ideology comes from a desire to strengthen local communities, enabling them to become more independent.

The overall aim of Local Goods Company is to rebuild the connection people have with their community and encourage them to buy from local suppliers in reusable glass packaging.