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Whether you need someone to clean your home or just want to rent a canoe, Local Goods Company knows all the best locals to meet your needs.
— Local Goods Company

Home Services

Treat yourself to the best clean in the Sea-To-Sky. Or  is a bit of landscaping you're after? No  job is too big for us. Learn More


We take food and eating very seriously at Local Goods Company.  In fact, we believe that food needs to be eaten in the right setting to be enjoyed fully. If it's an event planner you're after or you just want to know where to get the best food,  look no further.  Local  Goods Company has access to the best local suppliers in the Sea-to-Sky.  Learn More

Health & Wellbeing

Being able to function efficiently in every day life is essential, but we often find ourselves getting overwhelmed.  Finding the right  balance is a solution best sought with the help of someone who can provide the tools to get us back on track.   Learn More


Is your Mac running so slow that you want to throw it out the window? Or you just need an upgrade and don't how to do it?  Learn More

Property Maintenance

Even DIY experts need a helping hand every now and then. If you find yourself stuck and looking for someone to save the day, just follow the link!  Learn More

Family & Pets

The modern family has changed so much over the years and everyone has different needs. We know the best caregivers in the Sea-To-Sky,  Learn More

Business & Administration

Need help with your organizing your business? Unsure how to find the best web designers or admin assistant? We can point you in the right direction. Learn More


Want to know where to eat or how to get to your next adventure?  Luckily, we've lived in the Sea-to-Sky for over 20 years and we know how, when and where to find the best experiences in town.  Learn More

Sports Gear Hire

First time skiing and you don't know what gear to get? Or maybe you  need a paddle board guide to the best spots that only they know about? We have access to all the best guides and gear in town.  Learn More