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Every Product Maker, Service and Activity provider who works with Local Goods Company gets a free bio page because we feel our customers should get to know who they purchase from.  Please provide us with a few short sentences about yourself, what you or your business does and why you choose to support local enterprise. 

We need:

  • 2 profile photos of you (each taken in different environments).
  • 1 photo of your product, or of you making your product.
  • 1 company logo you would like to display on our website (only if you have one).

NOTE: Please name each file separately as follows: Supplier Bio Photos - (name of your company), file number...

  • Profile photos of you should be hi-res jpegs (400x400 at 240 ppi).
  • Photos of your product should be hi-res jpegs (625x875 at 240 ppi).
  • Company logo should be in square format at 240 ppi.

For more information about image resolution, click here

All photos must be emailed to hello@localgoodscompany.com with the subject line: Supplier Bio Photos - (name of your company).

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This isn't mandatory. If you do have a website, we will use this as a reference when building your supplier bio page on our site.